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How to tackle a demanding and difficult boss?

August 03, 2017

Work stress has become part of everyone’s life now a days. One has to constantly struggle between responsibilities of home and office. Tension and stress at work place increase when one has to deal with a difficult and highly demanding boss or superior. Many find it difficult to handle such a situation and become anxious and sometimes lose their working efficiency under pressure...

6 Lead Generation Hacks you should implement right now.

March 29, 2017

digital marketting

Technological advancements have changed the buying habits of customers considerably. As a result, ways like email blasts and mass advertising have become less effective now. If you have been looking for potential ways to build strong relationship with your prospective customersthen you have landed at the right place.

Take a sneak peek into the most effective lead generation ideasused by the top digital marketers of the industry. Here you go-

What should be the firing process of employees?

March 25, 2017

Hiring of employees is a tough job; a lot of effort is required while hiring an employee. Despite all efforts sometimes the not so efficient employees get hired, who are unable to contribute much to the organisations progress; and the employer is forced to take the hard decision of firing the employee.

Let's now discuss about the reasons why an employee might be fired. In general these can be the underlying reasons:

Hiring of Effective and Efficient Employees.

March 23, 2017

how to hire good, effective and efficient employees?

Employees play a vital role in the functioning of any organisation. They are the main implementers of the companies’ policies and work strategies. Therefore hiring the right kind of employees is important. If the right kinds of employees have been appointed they prove to be an asset for the organisation and if the employees are inefficient in their work then the organisation may have to suffer in terms of performance and overall progress, such employees prove to be liability to the organisation. Therefore the hiring process is an important process for the whole organisation and its future outcome...

What makes enterprise app development so important?

March 23, 2017

The increasing ‘smartness’ of the Smartphone’s is enabling the companies to leverage mobile technology for the success of their business. Application development is becoming popular tech trend for it empowers the enterprises to achieve their business objectives like streamlining the operations, increasing the productivity of employees, and ensuring improved customer service. Read on to know how Enterprise App Development elevates the success of an online business?

A manager should have these qualities.

March 09, 2017

qualities of a good manager

A manager plays a key role in the management of resources and man power in any organisation. He acts as the mediator between the company owners, management and employees. Therefore we can say that a good manager acts as the backbones of the company who assists in running the organisation smoothly.

Holding salary may slow down your company growth.

February 26, 2017

Reasons to slow down a company growth

I came across to write this blog after a phone conversation with my friend, who is running a small organization with 10 to 15 employees.

He needed my help in his business growth, I asked him to share all policies which are against the employees and his future plans to grow company.

He started sharing the policies which he made for the employees, everything was fine but one policy which he shared was really inappropriate.

A manager should not take out his frustration on his employees/subordinates.

February 23, 2017

how to handle employees without frustration

As I wrote in my previous blog how a manager got frustrated on an employee ['Take leave on your risk' the words from an irresponsible manager].

I also wrote some qualities and responsibilities of a good manager in that blog.

One thing that always think about is "how a manager can get frustrated on an employee while manager knows that employees comes under his/her responsibilities and care?"...

Employer may use this idea in the favour of employees to make their future better.

February 20, 2017

Today was quite boring, as me and my team didn’t have much work to do, we finished the pending tasks and took some coffee.

While sipping coffee, I generally asked a question to my friend and his answer impressed me and I thought about share his idea here through my blog.

'Take leave on your risk' the words from an irresponsible manager.

February 19, 2017

Responsibilities of a good manager

One of my friend who has newly joined a company wanted leave, but she doesn’t have any leave left but she needed to go somewhere urgently.

Have some fun at work place - A message for leaders/managers.

15 FEB 2017

I am busy to write technical articles on IncludeHelp so there is less time to work on this website, so I was thinking to hire few content writers who can write quality content for the website.

Since I started this website as my personal blog (sometimes I accept guest blogs), so I am little bit confused whether I should go through this option or not?

I contacted few freelance writers and waiting for their replies. Hopefully things will be settled.

If you want to grow your company, you should start investing in training.

13 JAN 2017

I've heard about many company’s policies, they hire the employees, give them work with the deadlines and if employees are unable to complete the work they fire them.

"Hire and Fire" formula is now common in many companies.

Every company want to grow but few companies are there who invest in trainings.

You should remember that the employees, who are working for your company, are assets of the company and if you invest on them in training can yield good returns...

A quote about Employee of the Month.

29 DEC 2016

Demetri Martin says
“Employee of the Month is a good example of how somebody can be both a winner and looser at the same time.”

A quote about Employee of the Month
If you’re a boss, care as a boss.

29 DEC 2016

In this blog I’m talking about how you can care as boss? You should know the responsibilities of a boss; and if you are not a good boss, focus on 5 best ways which show you, how to care as a boss?

1) Notice when your employees have been sick

2) Notice when your employees are overwhelmed and offer help

3) Give your staff time-off, when he/she is unwell or overworked

4) Check on the progress of projects

5) Give your team room to express their creativity

Best way to motivate your employees - “Recognizing and rewarding employees”.

29 DEC 2016

If your employees are unable to produce expected results on time, then it’s time to motivate them.

In this blog I’m with a great idea to motivate your employees. (most of the companies are following this way, but if you are not following you should read this blog and follow this idea and see the results)

In previous blogs, I have already written that “Employees are not machines; they are human having their own expectations and goals”.

You should take care of their expectation and...

How you can improve your strategic thinking skills?

28 DEC 2016

Here are great ideas by following them you can improve your strategic thinking skills:

1) Know: Observe and seek trends

2) Think: Ask the tough questions

3) Speak: Sound strategic

4) Act: Make time for thinking and Embrace Conflict

I found these great points here [4 Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills.

Tips for managing your employees in a better way.

23 DEC 2016

Employers often have to deal with a team of employees or subordinates. Their success and failure is indirectly affected by the way his team works. So it is very important for him to manage his team of employees efficiently, so that they deliver positive results...

How to make your employees follow the orders given by you?

23 DEC 2016

Every employer or superior desires that his orders are followed. Many have the art of making people follow their orders, but others may lack it, or are unaware of the methods and techniques which can have an impact on the employees and they start obeying the orders. So today let’s talk about how to make people listen to you and obey your orders...