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Looking for extra income - These ideas may help you

Posted on 06 MAR 2017 Under Career and jobs Category

Ideas for extra income

Everyone wants more and more finances to fulfil their needs and desires. For that many people opt for highly paying jobs and others look for other ways to make extra money. There are many things one can opt for making some extra bucks, depending on their interest requirement and capacity.

If you are also looking for some options to make some extra money then this blog may be helpful to you to; as I am going to talk about some easy money making activities.

1) Do some referral work

You can work as a side partner in suggesting clients for a particular business. Say you can bring clients for a property dealer for sale of residential plots or flats. Or refer students for a particular institution and so on.

2) Consultancy

You can become consultant in your field of expertise, such as a career counsellor, N.G.O consultant, consultancy in the fields of engineering or architecture and so on. Consultancy can be full time or it can be freelancing sitting at home at the spare time.

3) Writing and editing

People who love to write can write for different magazines, they can write books etc. They can even work as content writers for websites or publications. People good have good grip over a language can go in for things like part time or freelance editing and proof reading work.

4) Teaching

If one loves teaching one can work as a part time tutor in a coaching institute or go in for home tuitions. Now a day’s many people are going in for teaching ABACUS, Vedic maths and spoken English.

5) Online tutoring

Now a day a lot of people go in for online tutoring and earn a good amount on per hour basis. One can enrol with various organisations or institutions offering online learning tutorial facilities to students and aspirants.

6) Hobby classes

People who are talented can open their own hobby classes at home. These hobby classes can be for anything art and craft, painting, cooking, dancing, music and so on.

7) Data entry

Students and housewives who are computer literate can take up data entry or data formatting work and work from home whenever they are free.

8) Sell art work

Artists and craftsmen can put their ideas on canvas in their leisure time and exhibit their work in art galleries or even through the internet through websites and sell their products.

9) Create products

One can design and create products like decorative pieces, handicrafts designer wear etc. and sell them online. This way they can reach out to the global audience.

10) Online work

One can go in for online survey work, data entry work and earn some extra bucks. Different organisations pay for answering different surveys on their products and services. Other can just click on some ads and earn money.

11) SMS and email sending

Many organisations outsource SMS and email composition work to individuals. One can register with such organisations and earn by sending bulk SMS and emails to the list of clients the organisation provides.

12) Freelance Tele-calling

A lot of companies hire freelance Tele-callers to work for Hire Company. One is given a list of clients whom they have to call and provide information about the company’s product and services, and they get paid for the same.

13) Insurance or marketing work

One can take up part time insurance selling and marketing jobs. Marketing can be for any product and services.

14) Renting a property

If one owns a property such as a house or room you can give it on rent to a family, use it as a paying guest accommodation or rent out to companies who rent it to tourists.

15) Work related to academics

If you are a creative person, you can also earn money by making models and projects for school or college students. Develop thesis work for students and so on.

16) Work as a trainer

If you have expertise in your field, then train people in that field and earn some extra bucks. Such as organise personality development classes, self defences classes and so on.

17) Tiffin service

If you love to cook, then you can start a Tiffin service for students, paying guests and working people, especially bachelors.

18) Opening a crèche

If you love to spend time with children you can start a crèche or a day care for kids whose both the parents are working. One can earn good amount of money by baby sitting.

19) Investment

One can earn extra money by investing in stocks and mutual funds and shares. This requires a lot of analysis and invests in these ventures.

20) Blogging

One can even earn good money by blogging, especially those who love to write on numerous topics.

21) E-books

One can also explore writing e-books and selling them on various websites like kindle and so on.

22) Volunteering

One can go in for paid voluntary work in N.G.Os or organisations. Where they invest some of their time and efforts for short term or long term projects.

23) Part time jobs

One can opt for summer jobs or work under experts and assist them for a couple of hours in their field of expertise.

24) Modelling

People who love to explore the glamour world can try out modelling for various organisations and products. Modelling can be for both print and visual media.

These are some of the ways one can earn some extra money, depending on their need, interest and desires. One can choose to take up one or more than one work to fulfil their requirements. They can work according to schedule and free time in doing these things. Today earning some extra money has become a need for many, as they have numerous responsibilities and requirements and lack sources which can provide them adequate finances to fulfil them. Therefore people are always on a look out for options which help them earn extra bucks.

Try some these things to make some quick money.


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