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How to introduce yourself in the Interview?

Posted on 08 JAN 2017 Under Career and jobs Category

How to introduce yourself in the Interview?

Image Source: http://www.today.com/money/top-10-unusual-job-interview-questions-2016-glassdoor-t83116

Cracking interview is quite tricky task now a days where everybody makes mistake though we aware. Here are the tips for you all.

1) Tell Me about Yourself?

  • Firstly do check that if the HR/Head/Interviewer went through your Resume or not? Everybody makes mistake at this point, starting from the same details which are in Resume.
  • Your entire Resume had info about you then what is the meaning again you are telling the same info that Interviewer is like uneducated.

Now, how to reply?

  1. Start with your Name - if the Interviewer has already known your name means avoid saying your name or (you can say: As you already know that my name is ABC).
  2. Take a reason and tell that you are interested in that area even from the childhood as your uncle/aunt or someone inspired you. So that is why you have picked the particular domain in your standard.
  3. Pick one of the instances at your school or college you organized or you have been selected for some event especially.
  4. Tell your ROLE in your project and how you managed.
  5. Tell about your recent achievement it might be Degree/project whatever.
  6. Tell the technologies/things which suitable to your domain, that you have learnt on your own without any training. So that he/she can find that you can learn on your own and come with fine solution.
  7. Tell about one or two of your hobbies that are relevant to your job profile. So that it makes the Interviewer to notice your Interest on that particular job.
  8. Tell that you can learn things very quite good without any help of others.
  9. Rate yourself in all perspectives.
  10. Finally thank the Interviewer for giving an opportunity for introducing yourself.

2) Tell me about yourself for Computer Science Students

Avoid saying your name when you start or else you can start as:

As you know that my name is ABC, even from the Childhood onwards I used to have a keen interest towards computers, that interest made me to take this computer science branch in my engineering stream.

I was one among the few persons who have gone with a latest technology like Cloud-Computing as an Elective in the final year first semester. And I was a Lead at my Academic level project where we have done on E-Commerce domain on Java technology.

And I always like to get updated with the latest technologies in that case I have learnt HTML5,CSS3,AJS etc .Of course we do learn at colleges, but we all know that college just give us a very basic knowledge which is not much sufficient to be a professional in that area. So I have learnt all those on my own. Well, in free time I would surf the Internet, I see the websites which are built by using latest programming languages. And finally I would rate myself 7 out of 10.

And thank you for giving opportunity to introduce myself. Thank you!


  • Never say the same fields which are in your resume.
  • Never mention your family background until they ask you.
  • Never reveal your weakness by yourself until they ask you, and do prepare a remedy if you point your weakness.
  • Avoid saying your educational backgrounds because everything is mentioned in your resume.
  • Never stammer, shiver, shake legs or put hands on your face.


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