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How to enter a career with no experience?

April 22, 2017

Everyone has a new beginning in a job or carer, it can be when one is starting a new job, or when is switching over to a new career. Today let’s talk about a situation when one is switching over to a new career. Career is an important aspect of one’s life and one need to take decisions related to it very carefully...

Helpful Tips to Achieve the Desired Career Successfully.

April 22, 2017

If you are planning to change your career or job, then you need to ponder upon the following points before doing so:

How to enhance public speaking skills?

April 19, 2017

How to enhance public speaking skills

We all have to interact with a lot of people on daily basis and sometimes there are circumstances when we have to address a gathering or a group of people. Public speaking is a nightmare for many. Many fear or get nervous when they have to address a group or take part in any form of group discussion. They have no idea how to go about. They fear that people might judge them on the way they speak. This is the case with a lot of people. Whereas there are some people, who are very good and influential public speakers. Now the question is how they are different, what qualities do they possess or what the things that are required to become a powerful public speaker...

How to pass exams with flying colours?

April 13, 2017

We all have to appear for exams in our life, exams in school, college. Those aspiring for government and jobs like banking have to appear for competitive exams. Aspirants who aspire to study abroad, or want to join professions like medical, engineering law etc. have to appear in entrance exams. All desire that whichever exam they appear for they pass with flying colours...

Looking for extra income - These ideas may help you.

March 06, 2017

Ideas for extra income

Everyone wants more and more finances to fulfil their needs and desires. For that many people opt for highly paying jobs and others look for other ways to make extra money. There are many things one can opt for making some extra bucks, depending on their interest requirement and capacity.

How switching jobs can enhance career growth?

March 06, 2017

how top enhance career growth

Change is a need of life. Change can be at any age, phase and field. We all require change in order to move on in life. A lot of people go in for change in their career, by changing their jobs. There may be numerous reasons for doing so, some of them are:

How to prepare for switching the company while working in current company?

11 FEB 2017

Nowadays in many companies, the jobs are not safe due to fewer vacancies and many candidates. The companies have many options as they can hire good talent at low cost. Today I will discuss about switching the company and how to prepare to switch your current company?

There are many problems with private job like lower salary, old technology, no job security etc. Employees work hard still they don’t get expected salaries...

How to avoid boredom of repetition work?

18 JAN 2017

If you are getting bored by doing same work daily, here are some ideas to come out from boredom of repetition wok:

  1. Ask your manager to get new and different task, you can recommend your juniors or other colleagues for current task (which is boring for you).
  2. Seek out some complex tasks and try to complete them.
  3. Work with your seniors who are working on new tasks - whenever you are free after completing your assigned tasks; request your seniors or other colleagues to work with them.

If you are unable to get new task by any reason, don’t worry...

How to introduce yourself in the Interview?

08 JAN 2017

How to introduce yourself in the Interview?

Cracking interview is quite tricky task now a days where everybody makes mistake though we aware. Here are the tips for you all.

1) Tell Me about Yourself?

  • Firstly do check that if the HR/Head/Interviewer went through your Resume or not? Everybody makes mistake at this point, starting from the same details which are in Resume.
  • Your entire Resume had info about you then what is the meaning again you are telling the same info that Interviewer is like uneducated.

Now, how to reply? ...

Why do I fail at Interview and reasons for it?

08 JAN 2017

Well, at some or other point we all have to face a situation where to open our mind and explore our skills in the Interview.

Whatever the job might students out coming every year are increasing rapidly. But unfortunately only few are cracking the interviews because the rest always are frightened.

There are following reasons...

Be smart at the workplace - Become a favourite employee.

30 DEC 2016

If you think that your values are going down or you’re not a valuable employee of your company.

“Company doesn’t need me anymore?”
“I may be fired?”
“May be Boss is ignoring me”
“Boss or company is not happy with me”
“I’m not getting tasks by the Manager”

If you are thinking such kind of questions, you’re not smart employee and may be you don’t know how to work in the organization?

Now it’s time to be a smart employee. Here I am writing about few activities you should follow to favourite employee of your company.

How to give positive feedback at work?

22 DEC 2016

We often hear people saying “positive feedback is necessary for enhancing one’s performance”, Positive feedback is the backbone of an organisation and so on.

Now let’s first understand what feedback is? It is a way or means of expressing our views, observations on the behaviour, attitudes, actions, beliefs and performance of another person. It is an interactive process where people come up with views and suggestions on the current situation and ways to improve it. Feedback can be both negative and positive; both mostly positive feedbacks is given more weightage as it helps in motivating and bringing positive results in an individual or an organisation.

How to become a good manager?

22 DEC 2016

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employer or an employee, management skills are required by all. Management skills are not only required in a business or job but also required to succeed in every aspect of life be it relationship, studies and career. So now let us talk about, how do we become a good manager or inculcate management skills within us.

Things to remember while making a career change.

21 DEC 2016

Many a times it happens; that we are not happy with the job we are presently in, and often think of switching careers. The main reasons for the desire to swap careers may be...

  • Desire to attain higher financial and monitory benefits.
  • Desire to attain better personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • Lack of a health work environment and lack of appreciation and recognition.
The art of impressing your clients.

21 DEC 2016

Every business and service provider needs clients, to sell their product and services. Success of any business is assessed by the total number of clients they serve and revenue they generate by serving these clients. Therefore clients or customers are very essential for a business to succeed. In today’s competitive global market attracting clients and maintaining them has become intricate. One needs to develop strategies to attract and impress their clients and customers...

Things to remember while going for an interview.

20 DEC 2016

You all must have faced a job interview; those who have not will be facing it in the future. One needs to be well prepared for an interview. Today I am going to tell you about things which you should remember when appearing for an interview...

Avoid these post interview mistakes.

20 DEC 2016

We feel quite relieved after we are over with a job interview and eagerly wait for the outcome. While doing so we get excited and try to find out the exact result; in this process many people conduct the following mistakes...

Things you should avoid doing while appearing for an interview.

20 DEC 2016

Everyone feels a bit tensed and worried while facing n interview. In their tension many people tend to do things which they should avoid doing while they are appearing for an interview. Today I am going to give you tips on what all things one should avoid doing in an interview...

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