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Founded on Thursday, November 24, 2016 at New Delhi, India by a Computer programmer as his personal blogging website; where he writes about life experiences and anything that is useful for the audience under the personal blogs category.

Later he starts writing on Google AdSense, Career & jobs, Company Management, Internet Tips and Tricks and more topics.


I maintain this website with a lady Alakananda Das Ranjan, here is the few details about her and me.

Alakananda Das Ranjan

She is an Indian residing in Delhi NCR. She is a Post Graduate in Psychology and Sociology, with years of work experience in the field of Social Development Consultancy. Writing is her passion; therefore she also works as a freelance content and blog writer.

Her responsibilities include editing,writing book reviews, writing blogs on Inspirational quotes, real life experiences and other non technical short blogs.


  • A 28 years old man from New Delhi, India.
  • Founder @ www.includehelp.com (A website for computer science students, where I provide computer programming language stuffs).
  • Computer programmer since last 10+ years.
  • Founder @ www.duggu.org (Where I write on Google AdSense, Company Management, Career and jobs and many more categories, along with my personal life experiences and stories.
  • An SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • A Google AdSense Consultant.
  • Sometimes, I’m an online trainer (provide training when I get paid good charges)
    • Computer programming languages trainer.
    • Website Design and Development trainer.
    • SEO trainer.
    • Provide short term training to crack technical written exams and interview.

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