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Some useful Google Chrome shortcut keys

Posted on 03 JAN 2017 Under Internet Category

Here I’m sharing some most useful Google Chrome’s shortcut keys (commands).

  1. CTRL+D
    Bookmark current webpage.

  2. CTRL+E
    Open Google Search - Cursor will be moved to address bar type text to search and hit ENTER.

  3. CTRL+F
    Find text within the webpage.

  4. CTRL+G
    Move focus (cursor) to highlighted text (which is highlighted through CTRL+F).

  5. CTRL+H
    Open Google Chrome’s history.

  6. CTRL+J
    Open Google Chrome downloads (chrome://downloads/).

  7. CTRL+N
    To open new Google Chrome window [When Google Chrome is already opened).

  8. CTRL+P
    Open print dialog box to print the current webpage.

  9. CTRL+R (F5)
    Refresh the current webpage.

  10. CTRL+S
    Save the current webpage (This command opens Save As dialog box to save webpage).

  11. CTRL+T
    To open new Google Chrome tab.

  12. CTRL+U
    Open HTML source code of the current webpage.

  13. CTRL+W
    To close current tab only.

    To open Google Chrome Incognito Window.

  15. CTRL+1, CTRL+2... CTRL+8
    To switch between opened tabs.

  16. CTRL+9
    Move to last tab (It may be tab number 2, 3 or 12).

    To reopen last closed tab (Let suppose, you have close a tab in which Gmail was open and you have closed it, by using this command you can open that tab again).

  18. ALT+F4
    To close current Google Chrome window (This command can also be used to close other opened applications too).

  19. ALT+ Left Arrow (←)
    To go back (open previous page).

  20. ALT+ Right Arrow (→)
    To go forward (open forward page).

  21. Zoom In (CTRL+ - (Minus))
    Zoom In current opened webpage.

  22. Zoom Out (CTRL+ + (Plus))
    Zoom Out current opened webpage.

  23. ESC Key (Escape)
    Stop loading current webpage.

  24. CTRL+ 0 (Zero)
    Reset current webpage Zoom Out to 100%.

  25. ALT+D
    Move cursor to webpage URL (URL will be selected to copy or edit).

  26. F11
    Switch Google Chrome’s all opened webpage in full screen mode.

  27. Space Bar, Shift+ Space Bar
    Moves down/ up one screen of current webpage.

  28. CTRL+ HOME
    Move cursor to start of the webpage.

  29. CTRL+ END
    Move cursor to end of the webpage.

  30. CTLR+ Page Up
    Move cursor to the left opened tab.

  31. CTRL+ Page Down
    Move cursor to the right opened tab.

  32. CTRL+ Click (Left Click)
    Open any link in a separate tab.

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