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SUMOPAINT - A powerful online tool for Image editing.

16 FEB 2017

Many times we need to edit/create an image but we don’t have any image editing software on our system.

In this blog, I am here with a powerful online image editing tool sumopaint.

Sumopaint is a powerful online tool for image editing, it supports advance images editing options like crop, drop shadows, blind mode etc.

sumopoint photoshop on your browser
Why we should target width, not the height in the responsive layout?

06 FEB 2017

It's very simple; no one wants to scroll the webpage in the horizontal, so we should always focus to fit the website horizontal there should not any horizontal bar.

And we cannot fix the height because of content length, content length is not fixed and if you are thinking to do so, don’t do it.

Keep width fit to the screen size and width auto.

Screen size width varies, so you have to choose such responsive layout which should be fit to the screen sizes.

CSS breakdown of some major website.

06 FEB 2017

http://www.websitedimensions.com/ has list of six popular website’s CSS breakdown or breakpoints in pixels.

CSS breakdown of some major website

Usable site space in browsers, based on the screen widths.

06 FEB 2017

Here is the list of popular site spaces of the browsers with height and width in the pixels, so if you are going to make a responsive website, you should keep these screen resolution in your mind and check website layout with these browser’s spaces (screen sizes/screen resolutions).

Screen sizes for responsive layout in pixels

Coding Ground - An Online Lab for IT Professionals by Tutorialpoints.

04 FEB 2017

online compilers

Tutorialpoints provides online IDEs (Compilers and Interpreters) to write, compile and run your program written in any programming language (most of the programming languages compilers, interpreters are available here).

You don’t have any need to download and install the compiler, interprets on your system, whenever you need to write, compile and run your source code, just open the specific Online IDEs, write your program, compile the program, fix the errors or warnings (if any) and execute and see the output of your program.

Technical elements for successful SEO.

20 JAN 2017

As we know that Search Engine optimization is lot more than just putting the keywords on heading tags and website pages, SEO has two parts On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO. Here are the few technical elements of On-Page SEO that you have to optimize for website ranking.

Technical elements for successful SEO:

Disable annoying notifications on Facebook.

05 JAN 2017

If you are using Facebook on mobile and getting frustrated by annoying notifications; you can disable all annoying notifications easily and enjoy the Facebook surfing without getting more frustrated by these notifications.

This blog shows steps (in picture) to disblae annoying notification on Facebook Mobile and Facebook PC...

Remote logout of your Facebook Account from other devices.

04 JAN 2017

You have logged in your Facebook account on any computer and you forgot to logout. Now you want to logout your account from your home (from other computer, on which you are currently logged in). I mean you want remote logout of your Facebook account.

Here are the simple steps by following them you can logout your Facebook account remotely (even you can check where your account logged in).

Download a copy of your Facebook account data on your computer.

04 JAN 2017

In this blog, we will learn how we can download all images, videos, messages etc from your Facebook account by following simple steps?

Facebook provides a feature to download your all personal data which you have updated or uploaded on your Facebook account. This option is known as “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

Some useful Google Chrome shortcut keys.

03 JAN 2017

Here I’m sharing some most useful Google Chrome’s shortcut keys (commands).

  1. CTRL+D
    Bookmark current webpage.
  2. CTRL+E
    Open Google Search - Cursor will be moved to address bar type text to search and hit ENTER.
  3. CTRL+F
    Find text within the webpage.
  4. ...

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