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  8. Back to work.
  9. Only you are not an expert in any field other are there too.
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  12. Finally I am on Facebook, let's show your interest.
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  18. Use your most of the time on yourself until you get succeed.
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  21. I am a programmer first and then I am a blogger.
  22. Late night dinner (Egg Bhurji with Turmeric Milk).
  23. Online shopping: when I got the product at 0 rupees.
  24. When my bother said, you need a psychiatrist.
  25. No one is as close as my laptop.
  26. GoDaddy has an amazing Professional Assistant (Swetha), few minutes conversation with her.
  27. Give up is not the solution.
  28. Nice work! You've completed all the programs.
  29. Life is very precious.
  30. Nothing is better than a cup of "Black Tea" at 04:15 am.
  31. Dennis Ritchie's Home Page.
  32. Two things which feel me energetic.
  33. Never change your problem solving techniques, match them with the international standards.
  34. Take breaks throughout the day while working.
  35. Blogging from Mars.
  36. Now here’s a man who understands women.
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  38. Feeling happy after seeing 61 Active Visitors on my primary website.
  39. 'Page not found' on 404 Error has been added.
  40. Work is more important than the serial (Personal story).
  41. A best message for 'Page not found (404 Error)' page.
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  43. Why I always use rel= 'dofollow' to everyone’s website?
  44. Got 2000/- (for first class) from my “Embedded C language” student.
  45. What’s happening? I am unable to understand.
  46. The day I was waiting for...
  47. Get relaxed your eyes from Computer Eyestrain by 20-20-20 rule for reducing Eyestrain.
  48. Amazing, received 188 visitors from all sources within 3 hours.
  49. Awesome book for business man.
  50. Happy New Year, Let’s welcome 2017.
  51. Thank you friends! December 31, 2016.
  52. How much time do you spend each day on the following time stealers?
  53. Why do/will I have so little time?
  54. Why I love http://alvinalexander.com/?